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Conservative Victory - The Reviews Are In!

Sean Hannity’s Conservative Victory
By Erick Erickson

Last week, I was playing in the yard with my 4 year old when Santa Claus the UPS Man showed up. The 4 year old took the package from his hands, tore open the envelope, and said, “Hey, that’s that cute guy from TV.”

A review copy of Sean Hannity’s new book, Conservative Victory, had arrived. Meh.

I get these all the time. I have largely stopped reviewing books except for the really goods ones I’m interested in like Mark Levin’s last masterpiece. But Sean’s a friend, so I figured I’d give it a go without much expectation of it being much more than pablum.

I was wrong.

Sean actually has done a very good job and is willing, despite what his critics often say, of addressing the very real problems within the GOP and clearly differentiating conservatives from the Republican Party. {Read More}

Sean Hannity and the Importance of Reagan Conservatism
by Jeffrey Lord

Somewhere Ronald Reagan is smiling.

As Sean Hannity takes the stage at the Reagan Library this afternoon and tonight for the kickoff of the tour for his first book in six years, Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda, one can almost see and hear the former President. {Read More}

Hannity Book Hits Obama
by Connie Hair

New York Times best-selling author, radio talk show and Fox News host Sean Hannity has a hard-hitting new book out today, his first in six years. With the release of Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda, Hannity kicks off a national book signing tour this afternoon at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif. {Read More}

How to Stem Socialist Tide
By Rebecca Hagelin

Culture Challenge of the Week: Socialism

I'm not sure how you can describe the largest expansion of government into the most private area of our lives as anything other than socialism. And "socialist" comes fairly close to describing the manner in which our national leaders recently behaved when they ignored the will of the people and voted to ram through a health care program that seeks to force every American to bow to the "wisdom" and mercy of government leaders to decide what is best for us and our families. {Read More}

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